ELT, Twitter, Hashtags and you



The Twitter world is buzzing with ELT knowledge, venting and support. Whether you are a newbie to the ELT world or a grizzled pro who has considered giving up at least twice, then here are three things that we recommend you keep up to date with in the twitter world:

#ELT confession– Ever wanted to just let loose and vent? ‘Confession is good for the soul’, and here, in the confession box of twitter, you can find all sorts of juicy things that make you feel less bad about yourself, and all the mistakes you make. Some of my favourite confessions include:

‘I’ve never used Kahoot or Quizlet in class’

‘I sometimes just teach the coursebook because it is easier than trying to tailor lessons to students’ needs’

‘ I try to shoehorn Youtube videos into the lesson because I want to show it to the students because I like it’

And they get better/ more controversial, but also cathartic and reassuring.


#ELT chat– Every Wednesday at 7pm GMT, @ELTchat hold a weekly meeting with topics that we, the people, vote for:

Their twitter profile with democracy in action!


At only an hour long; I have found them very useful and interesting. If you want more information about the people who run it, and what is on each month, or you want to watch their podcasts and videos look no further… You can find their website here

Conference hashtags and hashtags in your country. 

There are hashtags and Twitter accounts for pretty much everything now, and every company, conference or area you are in will have one. If you are interested in a conference in your country; I can guarantee that they will have have a twitter account, and be really easy to find. If you want grammar tips or CELTA tips just type in the # and see what comes up. If you are looking for fellow teachers in your area just hashtag away. Its simple, effective and a fantastic tool for every teacher.


Author: Teaching in Spain

Two teachers who like to write about travelling, and you guessed it, teaching. One of us is from England and one of us from Greece. If you like what we write then subscribe and enjoy!

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