5 things to do in Canterbury, England


Canterbury is a contradictive city: Medieval buildings preserved for posterity and modern, ever encroaching university buildings march forward to take the town, in the name of Christ Church.

It seems the only arbitrator is the old Norman wall, barely holding them apart, and struggling under the load of tourists crippling its back. The cathedral stands proud looking on, at what its fair city has become, and although still standing tall, it can’t help but shudder and watch as a few more tiles fall off its ageing face as tourists’ pennies fail to provide it with the life it once knew.

I love this city; I fear for this city but most all I want you to enjoy the beauty of this city before more medieval buildings become chain coffee shops and before the eternally shining cathedral dims ever so slightly.

Here are my 5 things to do in Canterbury (and it was hard to choose 5!) if you ever happen to find yourself in the garden of England’s heart. Continue reading “5 things to do in Canterbury, England”

5 types of ESL boss

If you’ve been teaching a while you will definitely have seen bosses of all shapes and sizes. Some are great and some are the embodiment of  your nightmares.

Here are 5 types that we have seen in our teaching exploits across Spain (this is all tongue in cheek of course): Continue reading “5 types of ESL boss”